A Proven Record & Ready For Any Challenge

Willett Construction Services has completed many diverse projects for federal and military agencies. Willett is proud of its record of combined projects, performed within "critical-care" environments, or designated "mission-critical" and fast-tracked. Many projects in our portfolio are design-build projects where we have made beneficial contributions as an integral member of the design teams.

Our Clients Include:

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  • US Army Facilities & MEDCOM
  • Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
  • National Museum of Health & Medicine
  • Halliburton
  • KBR
  • J&J Worldwide Services, Inc.
  • US Air Force
  • US Navy
  • GKK Works, Inc
  • Donley Construction Group
  • The Shaw Group
  • Beneco Enterprises, Inc.
  • All Cities Enterprises, Inc.
  • John J Kirlin, Inc., Special Projects Division
  • Elliott Lewis Corporation
  • Linc Services
  • Laing Properties

We trust you will discover in the following list of projects, a range and diversity far greater than one would expect from a small business. These projects are evidence of how our customers have supported our growth and continued success, as we continue to work hard every day to maintain their trust and confidence. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can be of service to you.


Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC), Washington, DC
(We have completed over 100 separate projects at WRAMC. Please inquire for a complete listing)


Sample Projects - Building 2, Heath Pavilion, Main Hospital

  • Ward 54, Inpatient Psychiatric Ward
    Turn-Key Renovation, All Construction Divisions.
    Completed 2010
  • Ward 53, Outpatient Psychiatric Ward
    Turn-Key Renovation, All Construction Divisions.
    Completed 2010
  • Ward 43, In-Vitro Fertilization Ward
    Turn Key Architectural Finishes.
    Completed 2004
  • Audiology Clinic Upgrades
    Turn Key Architectural Finishes & Millwork.
    Completed 2005
  • Ward 54, Inpatient Psychiatric Ward
    Partial Renovation, Architectural Finishes & Security Upgrades.
    Completed 2005
  • Various Life Safety Fire Door Projects.
    Completed 2002-2011
  • Ward 47, Anatomic Pathology Laboratory
    Turn-Key Renovations, All Construction Divisions.
    Completed 2003
  • Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic
    Turn-Key Renovations, All Construction Divisions.
    Completed 2003
  • Ward 57 & 58, Patient Care
    Turn-Key Renovations, All Construction Divisions.
    Completed 2005
  • Warrior Transition Brigade Clinic
    Turn-Key Renovations, All Construction Divisions.
    Completed 2007

(Entailed a 6,600 SF, 45-Room Clinic Build-out - Completed in 45 days. Received Special Recognition & Award from the Secretary of the Army & Hospital Administration)

  • 24/7 Room Service Kitchen
    Turn-Key Renovations, All Construction Divisions.
    Completed 2007
  • Ward 49, Reception & Waiting Area Renovations
    Turn-Key Renovations, All Construction Divisions.
    Completed 2006

Sample Projects - WRAMC Campus

  • Building 11, Guest Room Renovations
    Turn-Key Renovations, All Construction Divisions.
    Completed 2006
  • Building 7, Lobby Renovations
    Structural Steel & Architectural Finishes.
    Completed 2006
  • Building 6, Main Lobby, 2nd & 3rd Floor Clinics
    Turn-Key Renovations, Architectural Finishes, Millwork & Electrical.
    Completed 2010
  • Building 161, VET/Vaccine Clinics
    Architectural, Plumbing & Electrical.
    Completed 2006

Malcolm Grow Medical Center, Andrews Air Force Base, Camp Springs, Maryland

  • Ward 4A, Renovations


Walter Reed Institute of Research (WRAIR), Silver Spring, Maryland

Sample Projects:

  • Repairs/Replacement of Veterinary Finishes, Building 503
    Turn-Key Renovations, Architectural Finishes, including Application of General Polymer’s Saniflex Epoxy Membrane System to walls and ceilings. Apply General Polymer’s Ceramic Carpet and Fast-stop S to floors.
  • Security Screening Room Addition, Building 503
    Scope of Work: Construct new addition at main front entrance to provide security screening, force protection upgrades.

National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland

  • Various Repairs and Renovations.
    Completed 2005


Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, DC

  • Chapel II Annex
    Structural and Light Gauge Metal  Framing & Carpentry.
    Completed 2005
  • Honor Guard Training Facility
    Fabricate & Install Structural Steel Mezzanine.
    Expected Completion 2011

U.S. Army, Fort Meade, Maryland (Various Projects)

National Security Agency, Ft. Meade, Maryland (Various Projects)

Laboratory for Physical Sciences Facility, College Park, Maryland

United States Institute of Peace, Washington, DC (Maintenance Contractor)

Fort Stewart Army Base, Georgia

  • Army Museum
    Turn-Key Renovations, Architectural Finishes.
    Completed 2004
  • 155 Army National Guard Training Barracks
    Additions & Turn-Key Renovations.
    Completed 2006

Hunter Army Air Field, Georgia

  • 198 Army Ranger Apartments
    Turn-Key Renovations, All Construction Divisions.
    Complete 2006

Andrews Air Force Base, Camp Springs, Maryland

  • Various Renovations Projects
    Security Upgrades, Restrooms, Offices. Common Areas, Facility Upgrades.
    Performed 2003 - 2007


2401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington DC.
Performance 1991 - 1999

Multiple Award Winning Design, State of the Art, Mixed-Use, High Rise Building., Featured on the Cover of Architecture Magazine April, 1992. Performed Renovations, Tenant Build-outs, Punch-out work, and ongoing Maintenance Contracting.

Verizon – Diamond Wireless Stores
Performance 2013 - 2014

St Charles Town Center – Mall Build-out Store
Arundel Mills – Mall Build-out Store

Hillsdale College – NW Washington D.C.
Various Architectural and Roofing Repair Projects

Jefferson Hotel – NW Washington D.C.
Various Projects

Various Commercial Projects
(Please inquire for listing).