Otolaryngology Clinic

Otolaryngology Clinic, WRAMC
Completed March 2003

The transformation has been amazing. The clinic has a bright, welcoming new look that has elicited complements from patients and hospital personnel alike. The entire process has been an extraordinarily pleasant one. There has been close coordination with clinic personnel, project managers, and construction workers. I have been extremely impressed and grateful for their flexibility and professionalism. From top to bottom, your crew has made it clear that our satisfaction was important to them. The quality of their workmanship and their dedication to customer satisfaction is a great reflection on your company. Your high quality work will serve us for years to come.

John D. Casler, MD
Chief, Otolaryngology Clinic

Various Projects

Various Projects – Washington, DC & Virginia, Cushman & Wakefield of Virginia, Inc.
Completed 1995 to 1999

During this period Willett was awarded the majority of the interior remodeling, painting and tenant improvement work for the portfolio. Projects were awarded on a competitive bid basis. Willett was awarded the majority of contracts because of its ability to meet the high standards of quality required by the owners and Laing Properties, Inc.

Wm. Mark Levitt, Account Director
Corporate Services

2401 Pennsylvania Avenue

2401 Pennsylvania Avenue Development, Washington, DC
Completed 1991

We have worked with Mr. Willett and his crews at the development of 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, and have been most satisfied with the performance. Willett’s ability to quickly respond to early occupancies and timely response to after move-in touch ups have helped set them apart from most. We applaud Willett’s efforts on our behalf and would endorse and recommend Willett to anyone looking for a reference.

Phillip W. Hathcock, Senior Property Manager
Laing Properties, Inc.

WRAMC, Anatomical Pathology Department

WRAMC, Anatomical Pathology Department Completed Feb 2007
Completed: April 2003

Mr. Willett always kept his composure and positive attitude to solve the various problems in a constructive fashion. I would recommend without reservation Willett for any construction job within this hospital. Their exemplary customer services attitude coupled with their high quality of product delivered on time makes them a pleasure to work with.

Leigh Buckner
Cytology Supervisor

WRAMC, Multiple Projects Completed: Various Dates

WRAMC, Multiple Projects Completed: Various Dates

“ Willett did superb jobs with all the projects awarded to them. The workmanship was the best among four or five contractors I had at Walter Reed. They were always well prepared and completed projects in time without any delay. They also helped us to resolve existing problems with their professional opinion. In addition, they were always polite and tried to help clients. All the clients were very happy with their workmanship and professional manner. I recommend Willett for any job that requires great skill and professional knowledge.

Kyung Choi, Project Manager

WRAMC, Renovation of Command Suite

WRAMC, Renovation of Command Suite Completed Oct 2006

I would like to personally recognize Willett for their outstanding job performance as the contractor hired for the renovation of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center Command Suite in October of 2006. All work for the renovations had to be completed on weekends and after hours, because the Command Suite was unable to shut down operations for even one day. Throughout the renovation, the crew displayed a “Can Do attitude, even when given time constraints and short (notices). As promised, the entire project was completed to our explicit specifications, on schedule, and on time. We owe the renovation’s success to Willett, for it was their strong work ethic and professionalism that made it happen.

Staci R. Harrison
Sergeant First Class, US Army
NCOIC, Command Suite

WRAMC, 24/7 Room Service Kitchen

WRAMC, 24/7 Room Service Kitchen, New Design & Work Build-out Completed Feb 2007

Walter Reed Army Medical Center’s Nutrition Care Directorate began its quest several years ago to implement a Room Service concept for patients. Following the award of the contract, (Willett Construction Services) were most professional in both word and actions. Problems that developed during construction were reduced to minor bumps throughout the operation. As a result of the commitment and dedication displayed by Willett Construction Services and its crew, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center will meet the challenge of Room Service, as an industry standard.

Roland B. Talley, Jr., MBA, RD., LDN
Major, United States Army
Deputy Director
Nutrition Care Directorate